Why Doesn’t My Dishwasher Clean Very Well?

Does this situation sound familiar? You went ahead and started a normal was cycle on your dishwasher, the cycle finishes and your dishes still aren’t clean! Why? Why is this happening? It could be because your dishwasher may need a simple cleaning in order to fix the problem. However, there could be an issue that needs a greater amount of attention to get your dishwasher back in tip-top shape and cleaning your dishes. How can this be fixed, have no fear because iFix Appliances specialise in dishwasher repair.

Why Do Dishwashers Stop Working Properly?

Spray Arms Are Obstructed

Is your dishwasher not rinsing properly? There may be something in the way of the spray arms and blocking them from moving as they should. A knife, fork, or any other kind of cutlery may have fallen through, or maybe there are some old pieces of food that have built up around the spray arm’s base. You can remove whatever is getting in the way and ensure that the spray arms can move correctly.

Spray Arms Are Clogged

Substances in the dishwasher detergent that you use or hard water deposits can clog up the spray arms and cause your dishwasher to not clean your dishes. Clogged spray arms will reduce the efficiency of the spray jets and can even spray water filled with grime onto your dishes.

Most dishwashing machine models will allow you to take out the spray arms and clean them manually. Depending on the model of your dishwasher, you may need to use a screwdriver or a wrench to remove the spray arms.

You can quickly check the spray arms for clogs, after you have taken them off, and quickly look for any clogs and remove them with whatever you have around, a wire or needle can work. You can also soak them in white vinegar, this will help remove anything that you are having a hard time removing a clog.

Dirty Filters

Regularly cleaning the filters, about once a month, will help your dishwasher do its job and make your dishes shine. It can be almost impossible for your washer to clean the dishes if debris such as broken glass or food, builds up at the bottom.

Cleaning the filters of the dishwasher can be done without taking it apart or removing the cover, you can just slide the filters out and wash them in the sink.

You can even buy products that specialise in cleaning dishwashers and are great at cleaning grease and limescale, if you use these, you can hold off on cleaning it for longer than you would have to. You will still have to give the dishwasher a good cleaning by hand once in a while just to get rid of any larger sized debris that your cleaner can’t get rid of.

Water Temperature is Too Low

The water cleaning the dishes in the dishwasher may not clean the dishes properly if the temperature is too low. You can check the water temperature fairly easily, before starting your dishwasher, run the hot water in the sink. You can then fill a glass with the hot water and test the water. If the temperature of the water isn’t between 49 and 66 degrees celsius you can change the temperature on your water heater.

Dishwasher Still Not Working?

Have you tried all of these tips and your dishwasher still isn’t cleaning your dishes properly? Then there might be a bigger issue at play or something may be broken. Give iFix Appliances a call. All of our repairs are guaranteed and we can make repairs on the same or the next day. Contact us today and let us get your dishwasher fixed!