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Washing Machine Repair

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No one wants to take all the clothes and wash them up by rubbing with hands. This is a waste of time and energy. Washing machines were invented so a man could invest his time in more useful things and do his household chores like washing and drying clothes in a few minutes. This uses up only a little amount of washing powder as compared to when washed with bare hands. Every person needs to get their washing machines repaired on time. The first step is to identify the problem in the machine. Only then, you can know how to deal with it. The usual problems in washing-machines are as follows:

The knobs or digital switches fail to work

Many machines have touch-systems now. When you use a wet hand to operate those, there is a huge chance they would get faulty. When the operating keys of the machine do not work, you cannot start the machine and a technically skilled person should treat it. 

The door does not close or open properly

Sometimes the issue that is faced by many is that the door of the washing machine does not close properly. You cannot start the machine until the door is closed. Similarly, sometimes once the door is closed, it does not open as it should. You have to put in extra hard work to pull it. Both these problems are because of the rubber seal around the door or maybe the hinges of the door.

Clothes can get damaged

In some cases, the clothes you put inside the machine come out damaged. They are either torn or have a snag hanging out. The problem in these cases is the drum is not rightly fitted or there are foreign bodies in the machine.

The temperature of water is irregular

A failed thermostat can lead to the temperature of the water in the machine to either fall or rise drastically. If you spin cold water in an empty machine, it is not cleaned properly. Similarly, if you wash clothes with boiling water, they get damaged. Some trained person should come and look into the matter as soon as possible.

The washing machine stops spinning

There are times when the machine stops spinning or the drum does not rotate. What you should do in such circumstances is to reduce the load of clothes in the machine. If the load is light and it still doesn’t work, call a local engineer to check the motor of the machine.

A problem in filling or drainage of water

Both these problems can occur in washing machines. When the machine is not filled with water, check if the door is properly closed and the inlet pipes are vacant. On the other hand, if water fails to drain from the machine, see the drainage pipes if they are clean or not. If everything is right, call the repairman.

To avoid the problems regarding washing machines, do some research on the internet and ask people around for reviews of different brands. Buy washing machines from the most reliable brands. According to extensive internet research, Bosch, Samsung, Miele, Whirlpool, LG, Electrolux and AEG are the most highly-recommended washing-machine brands.  

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