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Your refrigerator is no doubt one of the most important kitchen appliances at your home. From stocking different items to keeping your food from getting spoilt, it’s an everyday essential. They’re just as prone to wear and tear like any other appliance at your home. It’s important to keep them well maintained by checking up on all the vital elements of a fridge. This will help you lower down the cost when it comes to fixing fridges.

However, no matter how much you maintain them, there comes a time when something goes wrong. Fridges are more prone to damage than most other appliances due to their excessive usage. You must pay attention to any issue arising and getting it fixed by a professional. Don’t rely on yourself unless the issue is too minute. It’s important to get your fridge fixed from a professional as they’ll be able to help you get to the root cause of the problem.

Leaking Fridge

Getting to the root cause of the problem is difficult as it can be linked to a lot of problems. Most of the time, the build-up of debris is the reason for leakage. Food particles and other build-up block the de-frost drain that’s located at the back of the fridge. This makes drainage difficult, leading to leakage of water through the fridge door. This can be cleaned by pouring warm water in the drain or by picking up the debris manually.

Irregular Fridge temperature

Irregular temperature can cause your food to spoil if not properly analysed and fixed on time. The reason for your fridge to have irregular temperature is a faulty evaporator fan. It causes your fridge to not have adequate cooling to keep your perishables from getting spoilt. If can’t feel the evaporator fan working properly through the back wall of the fridge, then most likely, you need to get it checked or replaced.

Excessive noise and increased unit cycling

Nobody likes an overly noisy appliance. It’s not normal for your fridge to make excessive noise. One of the possibilities that might be causing is unit cycling too often. The noise isn’t your only problem then. With the unit cycling more than it should, there’s a possibility that you’ll get a huge electricity bill. Usually, the unit takes breaks before starting a new cycle to maintain temperature. If you’ve kept the fridge’s temperature too low or there’s debris around the condenser coil, then you’re sure to face an overworking unit. Keep an eye on the thermostat of your fridge to maintain proper temperature to make sure you’re not overworking your fridge.

Refrigerator Electrical faults

Electrical faults are common when it comes to fridges. If your fridge isn’t turning on, you need to call a professional to check for any sort of malfunctioning. These faults can easily be detected and fixed, so make sure you have a handyman’s number with you to avoid any delay.

LG, Hotpoint, and Samsung are large distributors of refrigerators and are commonly found in most households. To get any issue fixed, make sure to contact them first so they can guide you properly as to what you might have to do.

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