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Cookers are an essential part of the kitchen as most of your meals are cooked using this appliance. There are at times problems that arise when cookers are put to use every single day. You might be subjected to various issues after having used a cooker for some time.

Cookers are not replaced frequently as they have a long life-span. It’s important to keep them in check to see that they’re functioning properly. At times, certain issues arise that may be small or large when it comes to cookers. Fixing cookers is not a difficult task as you can call any kitchen appliance technician to help you with it. It’s better to get help from the company of which your cooker belongs to as they would know better as to how to handle the issue.

Excessive use of the cooker does deteriorate the use of the appliance and over the years, the notion of depreciation takes place. It’s vital to keep your cooker in check and properly maintained to avoid any extra spending in the future on replacing or fixing cookers. Some of the common issues faced when it comes to cookers are linked to its heating feature.

Oven not heating

Your oven, not heating is not a small issue as it could be the cause of something big. This, however, depends on the type of cooker you have. If you own a gas oven, then the problem could be as simple as a faulty igniter. This can be checked by trying to ignite one of the stoves on top. If the problem is specifically with the oven, then the stoves will work. If it’s not that you’ll probably have to call a technician.

Broken oven door

Some times the hinges that allow you to open and close the oven door falter that leaves you with a broken door. This isn’t a serious problem and can be solved easily by using some of the tools that you might already have in your home. If you know your tools, you might as well go ahead and fix the broken oven door.

Oven fan failing

Fan ovens have been a great invention for all oven users. They spread the heat evenly throughout the oven, making sure your food is cooked perfectly. However, oven fans are susceptible to being damaged easily. Once damaged, it’s impossible to use your oven as the heat is centralised to only one area that might lead to overheating and causing problems.

Gas smells

It’s normal for your gas oven to smell of gas when you initially turn it on. However, if the smell keeps on increasing every time you check it, it’s safe to say that there’s a problem in the valves. Make sure that you don’t use your cooker once you’re not fully sure of no gas leakage. Call a technician to get it thoroughly checked to make sure it’s safe to use.

You must have the company’s helpline number from whom you’ve bought the cooker. Various companies deal in kitchen cookers such as Rangemaster ovens, Bosch ovens, and Smeg ovens. You can easily find their details online and see if there’s a store close to you, to get your cooker fixed.

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