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Cooker Hood Repair

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A cooker hood, also known as a range hood, is a kitchen appliance that contains a mechanical fan, which removes smoke, heat, fumes, grease, and steam from the air. The cooker hood is placed above the stove in the kitchen. There is a filtration system inside the range hood which filters out al dust and grease particles. There are two types of cooker hoods present: Ductless and ducted hoods. In ducted hoods, a duct is used to filter out the smoke particles whereas ductless hoods make use of filtration.

The cooker hoods have various benefits. They not only remove the excess heat and smoke in the surrounding air but also keep the air clean from all dust and grease particles. Most of the range hoods also come with lighting facilities, thus providing better lighting to help you in the cooking process. It also helps in the cleaning up process as you can see all the stains on the kitchen slab. Overall, it is a great investment as it provides you with a comfortable environment to work and live in.

Many people face some problems with the range cooker. These are mentioned below, along with the causes of these problems and how they can be resolved.

Fan not clearing the steam

If the fan of the hood is not clearing the steam, make sure to clean the filter. It is most probably due to the dirty filter that food smealls and steam is not clearing. If it is still not clearing, then check the hood motor for any fault and may need replacing.

Lights not working

The lights of a cooker hood not working is a very common problem among extractors. It is easy to get them replaced. To prevent this issue from occurring in the future, make sure to keep them on only when required. Turning them off when not required can extend the life expectancy of these lights.

Poor airflow

Poor airflow is most likely caused by a broken motor. The only solution for this is to replace the motor as soon as possible. Also, make sure that your vents are not blocked, so there is proper ventilation.

Gas smells

The most repeating cause for this is the build-up of grease and dust particles in the filter. Most of the cooker hoods have detachable filters. Thus, you can easily remove them, and give them a quick wash to clean out all dust particles that were accumulated up in there. To degrease it, you can soak it in hot soapy water overnight.

Electrical faults

This is a very rare issue as the motors of the cooker hood are made in such a way that they can last a lifetime. You will need to check the main control board to see if there is an issue. Electrical faults may arise due to blown up relays and contacts.

Excessive noise

There is most likely a problem with the motor of the hood if it is making loud noises. You will need to change the motor, as it most likely cannot be repaired.

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