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Unmatched Tumble Dryer Repairs in Preston

A tumble dryer is a great time and money saver! It can cut your laundry time in half because it dries clothes faster than air-drying. If you’re using the machine only for drying, it will use much less energy than an electric or gas clothes dryer.

A tumble dryer also dries better as the heat circulates around all sides of each article of clothing – not just through the lining like with other methods.

Below are some common reasons your tumble dryer will need repairing and possible preventions to stop this.

When you put the clothes in and close the door, it starts and then stops immediately

This is a common problem with tumble dryers and can be easily identified by noticing that the machine doesn’t spin at all, but makes a clicking noise occasionally. The first thing to check is that there’s enough voltage going into your machine; if there isn’t, your machine won’t be able to run and will make clicking noises when it tries. It’s also possible that the door switch is broken – you’ll need to have this replaced.

The dryer starts but doesn’t heat

This is a problem with the heating element in the tumble dryer and can be fixed by getting a replacement element. It’s also possible that the thermostat has gone wrong, causing the dryer to heat very slowly or not at all – you’ll need to get this replaced if it is broken.

Your clothes are taking too long to dry out

This can be caused by several problems: your tumble dryer might have a blocked vent; the door switch might be broken; or your thermostat may be faulty. You’ll need to get each of these parts replaced if they’re the cause of your problem.

The tumble dryer doesn’t spin

If this happens, you’ll need to call out a repairman as it means there’s an issue with your dryer’s motor.

Why Choose Ifix Appliances

It’s best to have a professional for appliance installation and repair in the area. iFix Appliances is the right choice if you need some repairs done on your tumble dryer. We have qualified professionals on hand ready to assist you and repair your tumble dryer.

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