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Expert Dishwasher Repairs in Preston

Thank goodness gone are the days of standing at the sink washing your dishes, coffee cups and pans. It was a job that caused many a row with the kids over whose turn it is to wash up or dry. The time it took to hand wash after meals—and in our efficiency-focussed world, the vast amount of water used—it’s no wonder we have embraced having a dishwasher in our homes. However when it breaks, iFix Appliances can do your dishwasher repair in Preston.

From half size to full size, most kitchens, even in caravans, have embraced the usefulness of a dishwasher. 

The other obvious benefit to washing all our dining and cooking implements is the fact they are washed at high enough temperature to remove not only make them clean but hygienically clean – reducing worry about spreading germs and bacteria.

Keeping Your Dishwasher At Its Best

Dishwashers are not cheap items on the initial purchase, but they pay for themselves over time, with savings in electricity and water and freeing up your time to do what you like. Will it stop the kids arguing about who loads and unloads – unlikely, but that’s kids for you!

You may have purchased a new dishwasher or a second hand one depending on your budget. Which ever you choose, there are things you can do to maintain the machine’s optimum performance. 

Top Tips To Keep Your Dishwashers Performance High

Around a decade ago, a dishwasher was not an eco-friendly machine. Upwards of 35 gallons of water would flow through the device in one wash. A big contrast to the 2-3 gallons used now. Before 2010 dishwasher solutions contained phosphate-based detergents. Fortunately, these are not in use today. Today’s detergents are much more eco-friendly. 

To keep the dishwasher’s performance at an optimum level, we at iFix Appliances suggest you,

  • Do not rinse your dishes before loading them. Just remove the larger chunks of food. Your detergent uses enzymes to break food down.
  • Use the right detergent – check out the manufacturer’s recommendations, or ask our team.
  • Keep the rinse aid container topped up. This helps prevent spots on your washed items.
  • Use your dishwasher whenever suits you. Today’s washers are so quiet they do not cause a disturbance, plus the water used is less than hand washing your dishes, so run it at half-full if you want.
  • If you see a build-up of white film in the dishwasher—hard water areas mainly—pour two cups of vinegar in the empty machine and run a full cycle. It will look like new.
  • Clean the inside of your machine, check there is no build-up of debris.

What To Do If Your Dishwasher Breaks Down

Give iFix Appliances a call. We are a family firm with 19 years of experience in the business. We offer a prompt, same day or next day service and are happy to inform you 92.7% of our visits are completed on the first visit. There are no hidden costs. What we quote, other than parts if necessary, is what you pay. 

The iFix Appliance’s team of professionals are experts in all makes of dishwashers, and due to our international contracts with manufacturers, we have access to a network of original parts. 

The most common types of problems we come across are,

  • Electrical faults.
  • Excessive noise while the machine is working.
  • Leaking from the dishwasher – generally, this is from a cracked gasket caused by debris building up.
  • Broken dishwasher door.

The major companies supply a warranty with their products, so do check your dates. We are an out-of-warranty repair service and are very proud of our reputation in assisting with any problems for a fair price.

Contact us today if you are in need of a dishwasher repair in Preston.