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Cooker Hoods are designed to extract smoke from the kitchen. It’s important to know how they work before you switch one of them on.

One thing all cooker hoods have in common is that they are all designed to remove smoke particles from kitchens using an extraction system. This may be either a ducted or ductless range hood. The most common design for commercial kitchens includes both types of systems–a decorative exterior vent with motion sensor for outside use and indoor filters, with the range hood positioned just over the stovetop dishes.

The primary purpose of these appliances is to provide ventilation for cooking spaces by extracting heat, grease vapours, odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). When closed properly it prevents odour spreading into surrounding areas.

If you’re cooking something like bacon or fish, and want the windows open at the same time, always switch on your range hood first, as it will prevent those fumes from traveling through your home. It may look like common sense but many people often forget this and end up wishing they’d kept their range hood on.

Don’t try to cook something that’s going to knock your whole house out with the smell of fish, especially if it’s late at night and you aren’t planning on opening any windows. People who are next door to you really won’t appreciate fishy smells in the middle of the night, or during meal times.

Common problems with cooker hoods

  • light bulbs not switching on or not working properly
  • difficulty adjusting the vent
  • bad smell when the hood extractor is switched on
  • bas smells when cooking with extractor on

Whatever your reason, big or small, Ifix Appliances are here to repair your cooker hood in Preston.

Fixing cooker hoods

You should contact a professional if your cooker hood needs a repair. This is because it can be dangerous if it is left on. As well as this, our qualified professionals know exactly what they are dealing with when doing cooker hood repairs. If you are in need of our service then you should contact us today for your cooker hood repair in Preston.

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