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Expert Appliance Repairs in Longridge

If you’re looking for a one-shop-does-all solution to out-of-warranty home appliance repairs, servicing, or even brand new appliance installations in the Longridge and greater northwest England area, then look no further than iFix appliances. A family run business with over 20 years of experience offering professional domestic household goods and appliance maintenance.

Having partnered with some of the UK’s top home insurance companies, we can offer experience, knowledge and technical support. Then, with the same day, or minimum, the following day call-out, fix your issues in no time, and best of all, the work is guaranteed, and there are no hidden charges.

Modern living comes with many modern conveniences. Washing clothes or dishes by hand is a menial task many of us don’t have the time to do. The same can be said for the appliances we use to easily make delicious and wholesome meals for ourselves and our family. So when they inevitably break or need servicing, call in the professionals at iFix appliances.

Here are some of the many appliances we can assist with:

Washing Machine Repair — We can repair or service just about every type of washing machine or tumble dryer. Common issues include:

  • The knobs or switches are not working
  • Fluctuating water temperatures
  • A noisy tumble dryer
  • The doors not closing correctly.

And worse of all a faulty washing machine or tumble dryer can damage your clothes. So please don’t waste time, money, or energy and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Dishwasher Repair — There’s nothing worse than a dishwasher that isn’t doing its job correctly. Common issues include:

  • Electrical faults
  • Excessive noise
  • Water leakages
  • Broken doors.

A dishwasher is commonly referred to in joking terms as the marriage saver. So please don’t delay and get it fixed should you encounter some of the above.

Oven Repair — Whether it’s a single or double door oven, gas or electric, iFix appliances can get it working again. Common issues include:

  • It just simply won’t work
  • The digital timer gets stuck
  • The door won’t close or gets stuck
  • Either over-heating or under-heating.

There’s only so many times a week you can eat take-out, so don’t deny yourself or your family a wholesome home-cooked meal and get it working again.

Fridges Freezer Repair  — Whether it’s an independent standalone or a combination of both, they can fix almost all makes and models. Some common issues include:

  • Leaking
  • Irregular temperature fluctuations
  • A constant noise emitting from the back
  • Electrical faults

Don’t let your groceries spoil or deny yourself that ice-cold beverage on a hot summer’s day, and get it repaired sooner rather than later.

Hood Repairs — an inefficient or noisy extractor needn’t be a distraction when cooking. Common issues include:

  • The fans aren’t clearing the steam
  • The overhead lights aren’t working
  • Poor airflow
  • A smell of gas

Keep the air clean and smoke-free and your cooking area under optimal lighting conditions and get any issues fixed immediately.

Hob Repairs — Whether you use a gas or electric hotplate, iFix appliances can get it working again should it break down. Common issues include:

  • Erratic flames
  • Electrical faults
  • Gas leaks
  • Ignition problems

The vast majority of at-home cooking gets done on hobs. Meaning it’s a significant and costly inconvenience over the long term. So getting it fixed as soon as possible saves you a lot of money.

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Some of the many household appliance brands iFix appliance service engineers are familiar with include: Hirsch, Franke, Samsung, Ikea, Hoover, and Whirlpool, to name but a few.

All repair or service charges are billed for the call out and the labour only. Not matter whether it’s a 10-minute job or it takes several hours to complete—it’s the same cost. You first agree upon any additional parts that may need ordering or installation. With special agreements in place and working relationships with all of the top household appliance brands, they can source parts at cost-effective prices.

So please don’t delay and click here to get in touch with iFix appliances for assistance from their friendly and professional staff or book an appointment directly on their website.