Washing Machine Repair Preston

Expert Washing Machine Repairs in Preston

Modern washing machines have brought us luxuries that our ancestors could only have imagined. They’ve made our lives easier, allowing us to devote more time to hobbies and spend more time with our loved ones. This is why when our washing machines break down, we become very worried.

No matter the problem with your washing machine, iFix Appliances can fix it for you. We have the best washing machine repairs in Preston and you can rely on our qualified team to solve your issues.

Washing Machine importance

Where would we be without our washing machines? Struggling? It’s not often we have to think about our washing machines or their part in our lives. We have all seen the films of washing in streams or steam filled laundries. Part of our history we would not want to re-live.

Imagine washing our precious clothes by hand or bulky items like bedding and towels! Gone would be any free time as even keeping the washing under control for a single person would take forever. Never mind a family! Think about it, handwashing football kit or sweaty workout clothes. Then, consider not being able to spin them, wringing out woollens, towels, jeans? Oh no! Plus having wet clothes draped around the house taking far too long to dry.

Out Of Warranty? Get The Best Help At iFix Appliances

iFix Appliances is a family run business with over 19 years of experience in the trade, and we are very proud of our reputation. Along with washing machine repairs in Preston, we can also supply and install new washing machines.

When your washing machine is not working correctly call us, we can provide

  • An independent out-of-warranty service for the majority of washing machines. 
  • Contracts with several international manufacturers, ensuring we can get the correct parts.
  • No hidden costs
  • A same day/next day response with a 92.7% first-time completion rate.
  • Trained personnel with a network of technical support.

Common Washing Machin Problems

  • Filling or emptying the washing machine of water
  • Door not opening or closing properly
  • Not spinning properly
  • Water temperature is irregular
  • Digital switches or knobs failing to work
  • Clothes getting damaged

Top 3 Tips To Keep Your Washer Clean & Functioning


The bigger the drum, the more dirt it has to wash out, so the more detergent you need to use. But, beware using too much powder can cause your drawer to clog up, and water will not flow properly. Always check the product’s guidelines. Remove the detergent/softener drawer frequently and give it a good clean. A toothbrush helps do this.

Service Or Maintenance Washes

 A regular service wash is something most manufacturers recommend. How often depends on your usage. Regular use once a month is enough; high usage then more often would be good. The service wash cycle is run at higher temperatures, 60 -95 degrees, to clean away dirt, germs, or bacteria.

Wipe Down Regularly

You can use anti-bacterial wipes on the seal, door glass, and exterior surface both inside and out. Leaving the washer door slightly open when not in use will aid in removing bad odours. Another regular job is to clean the filter at the bottom of the machine to ensure it does not clog up or cause a leak.

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It’s clear that when your washing machine breaks down, you should contact a professional appliance repair expert. Professionals have a lot of expertise dealing with the issue your given appliance may be having, and you can trust them to fix it in the most efficient way possible. If you need assistance with repairing a broken appliance in Preston, iFix is the place to visit. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.